Add fun and spontaneity to your wedding, creating lasting memories along the way

Elevate Your Wedding Memories with a Touch of Fun and Flair

At Enclave Light and Sound, we offer an exceptional photobooth experience that is not just about capturing memories but creating them with style, fun, and innovation.

Stylish Backdrops and Props: Setting the Scene for Fun

We believe that every photo should be a reflection of the joy and beauty of your special day. That's why our photobooth comes with a selection of stylish and modern backdrops, setting the perfect scene for your guests to snap their memorable moments. And what's a photobooth without some quirky props? We provide an array of fun accessories to bring out the silly, sweet, and sassy sides of your guests.

Guest-Operated for Genuine Laughs and Spontaneity

Our photobooth puts the power of fun right into your guests’ hands. It’s entirely guest-operated, allowing everyone to capture their moments without any hesitation or shyness. This self-service approach encourages guests to truly be themselves, resulting in genuinely joyful and spontaneous photos. And don’t worry – if anyone needs a bit of guidance, our team is always nearby to lend a helping hand.

Sleek Design for a Seamless Experience

In keeping with the elegance of your event, our photobooth boasts a minimalist and sleek touch screen design. It blends seamlessly into your wedding décor, adding a touch of sophistication while being incredibly user-friendly. This modern design not only looks great but also ensures that your guests of all ages can easily navigate and enjoy the photobooth experience.

Diverse Capture Modes: Photos, GIFs, Boomerangs, and Videos

Why limit to just photos when you can have so much more? Our photobooth offers various modes of capturing fun - from traditional photos to lively GIFs, playful boomerangs, and even short videos. This variety ensures that your guests can experiment and enjoy a range of formats, making their experience even more exciting and memorable.

Instant Sharing and a Lifetime of Memories

Our photobooth sends all captures directly to your guests via text or email, allowing them to share their fun moments instantly on social media or with loved ones. And for you, the couple, we ensure you don’t miss out on any of the fun. You will receive the full gallery to download and keep, reliving the joyous moments of your special day anytime you want.

All Night Long: Unlimited Fun without Time Limits

The best part? There's no time limit on our photobooth! Your guests can enjoy it throughout the event, returning as many times as they like to capture different moments, groups, and moods. This all-night access ensures that the photobooth remains a central part of your celebration, offering endless entertainment and memories.

Ready to Add Some Photobooth Magic to Your Wedding?

At Enclave Light and Sound, we’re excited to bring this innovative and fun photobooth experience to your wedding. It’s not just about taking pictures; it's about creating an interactive and enjoyable space for your guests to let loose and celebrate.